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A dynamic website is a site whose content can be dynamically generated, meaning that content is displayed according to the user who accesses or other parameters. Dynamic web sites are created in languages more complex than static websites and include the use of databases, which offer more development opportunities for a static website.


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 The advantages of a dynamic website


  1. The updates do not require specific IT knowledge and can be performed in house: no risk of dependence vis-à-vis a webmaster.
  2. Dynamic web sites are scalable: they can graft a variety of modules. They allow almost unlimited capabilities in terms of interactivity: newsletters, calendars, online payments, forums, ...
  3. The cost of developing a dynamic site is higher than a static site. However, updates are performed within the company, the savings quickly take precedence over the basic investment.

Why opting for a dynamic website?

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A dynamic website is the ideal solution for companies wishing to post the majority of its products and services. The multitude of options and tools available offers unlimited opportunities for development, tailored to the needs of the business. The update in-house allows complete control and instantaneous evolution of the site.

A dynamic website for your business

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You want to give your business a dynamic website? QuickBuy Services  can provide you the solution best suited to your type of business, your product or philosophy. Contact us via our form.

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